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Side effects

How to use this menu:
Beneficials - search side effects via beneficials
On opening this page and/or after clicking "beneficials" in top of the left menu a list is shown with all beneficials on which we have side effect information
Clicking one organism will put this item in the input field and gives a list of all pesticides that have side effects on this item
Clicking a pesticide will give (or expand) a table with side effects info on the chosen combination(s)
Pesticides - search active ingredients or tradenames of pesticides
Choose "active ingredients" or "tradenames" in the pop-up menu under "pesticides" in the left menu
Lists of corresponding items will be shown by typing the first character(s) of the searched items in the input field.
Clicking one item in this list will put it in the input field and gives a list of all beneficials that have side effects from it.
Clicking a beneficial will give (or expand) the side effects table with the chosen combination(s).
The table can be expanded to a maximum of 7 active ingredients and 7 beneficials.
Items can be removed from the table by clicking the red minus above the item.
Clicking the green plus above a table item will give a list of all possible related combinations in the left menu.

A simplified version of this side effects menu (without javascript) you can find in our PDA website: www.koppert.mobi/en/side_effects/

The Koppert Side effects database is a guideline to assess the effect of pesticides on beneficial
organisms. The results in practical situations may differ from what is mentioned in the Side effects
database due to multiple factors, such as number of treatments, amount of active ingredient
applied, temperature, solar radiation, stage of the crop, type of substrate, etcetera.
Koppert does not accept liability for any adverse consequences arising from the use
of the data presented in the list.

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Natural enemies
  • Harmless < 25% reduction
  • Slightly harmful 25 - 50% reduction
  • Moderately harmful 50 - 75% reduction
  • Very harmful > 75% reduction
  • Effect/persistence unknown
Persistence is indicated in number of weeks!
  • No action
  • Cover
  • Remove
  • Incompatible
  • Effect/persistence unknown
Persistence is indicated in number of days!
Application methods
HVS = high volume spray; DR = drench; DUS = dust; FOG = fog; GRA = granulate; LVM = low volume method; O = various; PA = paint; SM = smoke; SPK = sprinkle; TMX = tankmix